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Upcoming Membership Dues Increase

We recently heard from Girl Scouts of the USA that they will be increasing membership dues to $25. The new fee will be for the 2017-2018 membership year and will start being collected during early renewal next spring.

Every dollar of the membership dues is sent to Girl Scouts of the USA to cover the cost of fundamental services supporting the Girl Scout Movement. This includes things like program development, research, resources, accident insurance, training, and other services to Girl Scout councils. Membership dues also help fund the implementation of new technologies to improve the Girl Scout experience for all girls, volunteers, and parents.

For questions about why this decision was made, how it will impact lifetime members, and more, please visit GSUSA’s FAQ page.

Right now, we’re planning to send out council-wide communications to all our members starting this fall. Our goal is to make sure all members are aware of the upcoming changes, so you can incorporate that information into important decisions like setting goals for the cookie sale or applying for financial assistance.

One of our main priorities at Girl Scouts of Western Washington is to empower every girl and volunteer, regardless of financial situation. Our Financial Assistance Program will continue to support to girl and adult members who would otherwise not be able to take part in Girl Scouts.

If you have further questions, concerns, or feedback, we encourage you to share them directly with GSUSA—it’s important for GSUSA to hear from the volunteers and families impacted by this decision.