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Seattle Office Move Update

Seattle Office

Dear Girl Scout Community,

We're pleased to announce that the sale of the 601 Valley Street building was successful and has now been recorded in the King County records. The process went very smoothly.

The Seattle headquarters will be moving from Lower Queen Anne to Georgetown—just five miles south. We’re happy to say that while we’ll be closer to a new population of girls, we’ll still be accessible (more easily so!) to our many current volunteers and girls.

Our new digs are in the former Design Center on 6th Avenue South. When we tell people we’re moving to this location they often say “I’ve been there many times!” or, “I remember attending an event there—what a great location!” We couldn’t be more pleased AND the building owners are quite proud to say that the Girl Scouts of Western Washington are one of their foundational tenants.

Following are a few facts related to our new location:

  • This four-story building, also known as Georgetown Squared or G2, has 280,000 rentable square feet and is being completely remodeled. 
  • Girl Scouts of Western Washington will occupy just under 9000 square feet, reducing our physical footprint to very efficient space.
  • The new office is configured and maximized for GIRL USE!
  • We’ll experience a relative savings of around $400K over 5 years. There’s much that we won't have to devote our time to such as HVAC and elevator concerns, landscape upkeep, plumbing, roofing  and more that comes with building ownership.
  • Much of our existing furnishings won’t fit the new space but it’s IDEAL for expanded use at the North Regional Office in Everett.
  • The atrium and common areas are full of natural  light and relaxed furnishings suitable for "patio-like" meetings, in a sense, expanding our square footage.
  • We anticipate a lease commencement date of March 1, 2017.

We’ll look forward to seeing you once we’ve moved into our new space.  Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!