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Staff Directory

If you wish to call a staff member, please call our main phone line at 1(800) 541-9852 and we will connect your call. If you wish to email a staff member, you may use the list below to find their address. 

Executive Leadership



Megan Ferland, CEO

Frances Dujon-Reynolds, Chief People and Culture Officer
Human Resources, IT Management, Learning, DEI


Samantha Franklin, Interim Chief Financial Officer


Tara Jones, Chief Revenue Officer
Marketing, Philanthropy, Product Program, Retail


LeeAnn Stivers, Chief Membership & Program Officer
Membership, Girl Experience, Camp Programs & Properties


Shannon Pitton, AVP Executive Support and Facilities
Support and Facilities


Staff by Department

Accounting and Finance

Lovejeet Johal | Financial Analyst and Accounting Manager

Michell Allert | Accountant - Accounts Receivable

Cheryl Clifton | Payroll Accountant

Kristina Hill | Sr. Grants and Finance Specialist

Magdalena Kohler | Accountant - Accounts Payable

Brandi Wolfertz | Volunteering Banking Coordinator

Camp Programs and Properties

Tara Stone | VP of Camp Programs and Properties

Jessica Carter | Sr. Director Camp Programming

Frances Boyens | Sr. Director Volunteer Led Camping

Natasha DeLuca | Director of Equestrian Programs

Jason Maiuri | Director of Camp Properties

Hilarie Ayers | Camp Reservation Specialist

Michael Conover | Site Manager - River Ranch

Peter Iversen | Ranger - Camp Evergreen

Jesse Jacobson | Site Manager - Camp Robbinswold

Larry Parker | Ranger - Camp Klahanee

Emily Pulse | Equine Program Manager

Arthur Wightman | Site Manager - Camp St. Albans & Camp Lyle McLeod

Diversity and Learning

Robin Nussbaum | Associate Vice President of DEI & Learning

Natasha Lugo | Learning Manager

Elizabeth Rogers | Learning Manager - Outdoor Learning & Certifications

Lory Ruiz | Learning Manager

Laura Wickham | E-Learning Manager

Girl Experience

Julie Wendell | AVP of Girl Experience

Kristina Petersen | Girl Experience Manager, Arts & Sciences

Jennifer Reck-Allen | Girl Experience Manager, Sports & Outdoors

Kari Murphy | Girl Experience Manager, Life Skills & Entrepreneurship

Anna Updegraff | Girl Experience Manager, STEM

Human Resources

Chantey Andrews | Talent Development Manager

Jaynne Olivas | Human Resources Generalist

IT Management

Nichole Franko | VP IT and Properties

Kari Baumann | Database Administrator

Phillip Doolittle | IT Program Manager

Frances Greet | CRM Business Analyst

Desiree Mansfield | IT Collaborations BA and Training Specialist

Elizabeth Soule | CRM Support Manager

Marketing and Communications

Stefanie Ellis | AVP Marketing & Communications

Vannessa Blea | Sr. Graphics Designer

Ambrose Evans Pinel | Community/Communications Manager

Anna Helland | Graphics Designer

Member Support and Financial Assistance

Robin Thompson | Associate Vice President Customer Experience

Toi Fields-Finley | Customer Care Manager

Michelle Bourn | Camp Registration Specialist

Sara Clark | Membership Registration Specialist

Ashley Mack | Membership Registration Specialist III

Rachael Crosby | Customer Care Specialist II

Therese Del Fierro | Customer Care Specialist III

Nana Delira | Customer Care Specialist

Denisse Perrone | Customer Care Specialist

Romlah Yousos | Customer Care Specialist II

Keyarri Williams-Sanders | Financial Assistance Manager


Joy Wilcox | VP of Membership

Community Development

Erin Coffey | Sr. Manager Community Development

Sondra Cooper | Community Development Manager

Susan Seabaugh | Community Development Manager

Volunteer Support

Katie Johnston | Sr. Manager Volunteer Support

Amber Ackerson | Volunteer Support Manager

Melissa Curtis | Volunteer Support Manager

Rae Davenport | Volunteer Support Manager

Rosie Lee | Volunteer Support Manager

Madalyne Lindgren | Volunteer Support Manager

Addie Rocchio | Volunteer Support Manager

Sarah Rousseau | Volunteer Support Manager

Jannica Seaward | Volunteer Support Manager

Meesh Talbott | Volunteer Support Manager

Sarah Volpone | Volunteer Support Manager

Volunteer Development

Nicole Masih-Theberge | Sr. Manager Volunteer Development

Erika Behrends | Volunteer Peer Coaching Manager

Joy Cornelius | Volunteer Development Manager

Tina Kubacki | Volunteer Development Manager

Cheryl Martin | Volunteer Development Manager, GSBB

Sophia McLain | Volunteer Development Manager, GSBB

Ebony Smith | Volunteer Development Manager


Wade Brewer | AVP of Corporate Partnerships

Tana Graedel | AVP Philanthropy

Alecia Cunningham | Corporate and Community Partnerships Manager

Laura Hall | Analytics Manager

Beth Raas | Foundation Relations Director

Kelsey Robinson | Administrative Assistant

Dawn Wyruchowski | Communications Coordinator

Product Program & Retail

Mecca Stevenson | VP of Product Program and Retail

Laurel Arnau | Product Program Manager

Christa Champigny | Administrative Project Manager

Alexander Crumley | Product Program Manager

Linda Luu | Product Program Manager

Rachel Lee | Interim Director of Retail Operations

Research and Evaluation

Lorey Ford | Director of Research & Evaluation

Support and Facilities

Tammy Federspiel | Office Supervisor

Ani Miller-Wells | Office Supervisor

Jon Johnson | (Office) Facilities Manager

Kanium Ventura | Temp Facilities Assistant