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Staff Directory

If you wish to call a staff member, please call our main phone line at 1(800) 541-9852 and we will connect your call. If you wish to email a staff member, you may use the list below to find their address. 

Executive Leadership



Randa Minkarah, Board Chair and Interim CEO


Kherlen Cox, Chief Financial Officer


Frances Dujon-Reynolds, Chief People & Culture Officer
Human Resources, IT Management, Learning, DEI


Tara Jones, Chief Revenue Officer
Marketing, Revenue, Product Program, Retail


LeeAnn Stivers, Chief Membership & Program Officer
Membership, Girl Experience, Camp Programs and Properties


Shannon Pitton, AVP Executive Support & Facilities
Support and Facilities


Nichole Franko, Chief Technology & Property Officer
            IT Management, Camp Programs and Properties

Staff by Department

Accounting and Finance

Kherlen Cox | Chief Financial Officer

Michell Allert | Accountant Accounts Receivable

Cheryl Clifton | Payroll Accountant

Michael King | Sr. Accountant

Adrian Grimaldo | Sr. Grants and Finance Specialist - Temp

Magdalena Kohler | Accounts Payable Analyst

Noemi Messerly | Volunteer Banking Coordinator

Camp Programs and Properties

Tara Stone | VP of Camp Programs and Properties

Frances Boyens | Sr. Director Volunteer Led Camping

Haley Peel | Assistant Camp Director

Pete Iversen | Ranger

Christina Amsden | Program Specialist

Michael Conover | Site Manager

Jason Maiuri | Site Manager

Art Wightman | Site Manager

Nicolaus Yamaguchi | Maintenance Specialist

Charlie Christy | Maintenance Specialist

Diversity and Learning

Robin Nussbaum | Vice President of DEI & Learning

Natasha Lugo | Learning Manager

Elizabeth Rogers | Learning Manager - Outdoor Learning & Certifications

Lory Ruiz | Learning Manager

Laura Wickham | E-Learning Manager

Erika Behrends | Volunteer Coaching Manager


Julie Wendell | VP of Program

Kristina Petersen | Senior Director of Program, Partners and Grants

Jennifer Reck-Allen | Program Manager, Highest Awards and Travel

Cheryl Martin | Program Manager, Girl Scouts Beyond Bars

Rhiannon Hasenauer | Program Manager, 6th-12th

Bekah Manikowski | Program Manager, K-5th

Chloe Wightman | Program Manager, Partners

Kari Murphy | Program Manager, Grants and Global

Emma Makela | Aviation Program Coordinator

Natalie Monahan | Digital Storytelling Program Coordinator

Human Resources

Chantey Andrews | Talent Development Manager

Jaynne Olivas | Human Resources Generalist

IT Management

Phillip Doolittle | Associate Vice President IT Operations

Kari Baumann | Database Administrator

Frances Greet | CRM Business Analyst

Desiree Mansfield | IT Collaborations BA and Training Specialist

Elizabeth Soule | CRM Support Manager

Katharine Steel (KS) | IT Tech

Marketing and Communications

Karen Fujii | VP of Marketing and Communications

Vannessa Blea | Senior Director of Brand Marketing

Anna Helland | Brand Manager

Dawn Wyruchowski | Content Manager

Julie Fergus | Senior Director of Digital Marketing

Margo Greenman | Website and Communications Manager

Merri Christianson | Digital Marketing Recruiter

Member Support and Financial Assistance

Toi Fields-Finley  | Senior Director of Member Support

Therese Del Fierro | Lead Customer Care Specialist

Ashley Mack | Lead Registration & Membership Specialist

Shelly Bourn | Camp Registration Specialist II

Sara Clark | Event Registration Specialist II

Rachael Crosby | Customer Care Specialist II

Romlah Yousos | Customer Care Specialist II

Destini Lopez | Customer Care Specialist I

Lori Brown | Customer Care Specialist I

Keyarri Williams-Sanders | Financial Assistance Manager

Stephanie Chandler | Financial Assistance Tools


Katie Johnston | Senior Director Volunteer Support

Lanita Williams | Temporary Placement Specialist

Shani Macsweeney | Temporary Placement Specialist

Community Development

Star Kilbourne | Lead Placement Specialist

Becky Mabardy | Placement Specialist

Susan Seabaugh | Placement Specialist

Juliet Quebatay | Lead Community Development Manager

Angela Lewis | Community Development Manager

Kathy Sullivan | Community Development Manager

Lydia Hazel | Community Development Manager

Volunteer Support

Sarah Volpone | Volunteer Support Manager

Rosie Lee | Volunteer Support Manager

Madalyne Lindgren | Volunteer Support Manager

Addie Rocchio | Volunteer Support Manager

Sarah Rousseau | Volunteer Support Manager

Jannica Seaward | Volunteer Support Manager

Meesh Talbott | Volunteer Support Manager

Melissa Curtis | Volunteer Support Manager

Product Program and Retail

Mecca Stevenson | VP of Product Program and Retail

Laurel Arnau | Product Program Manager

Christa Champigny | Administrative Project Manager

Alexander Crumley | Product Program Manager

Linda Luu | Product Program Manager

Tiffany Halpin | Product Program Manager

Trina Willison | Product Program Manager

Rachel Lee | Director of Retail Operations

Research and Evaluation

Lorey Ford | Director of Research & Evaluation


Wade Brewer | AVP Strategic Partnerships

Tana Graedel | AVP Philanthropy

Alecia Cunningham | Corporate and Community Partnerships Manager

Laura Hall | Revenue Team Coordinator

Beth Raas | Foundation Relations Director

Kelsey Robinson | Administrative Assistant

Dawn Wyruchowski | Communications Coordinator

Support and Facilities

John Brucker | Facilities Manager

Tammy Federspiel | Office Supervisor

Ani Miller-Wells | Office Supervisor