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Girl Scouts of Western Washington Leadership Join Seattle Sports Commission

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington is proud to announce that two members of our leadership team have joined the Board of Commissioners for the Seattle Sports Commission. Chief Executive Officer, Megan Ferland, and Chief Marketing and Philanthropy Officer, Tara Jones, will join over 100 other Seattle business leaders in attracting and promoting sports tourism in the Seattle region.

“It is now my honor to support girls in their love of and pursuance of sports with the SSC,” Ferland said.

Ferland has been a longtime advocate for youth development, working for Girl Scouts of Colorado; the Colorado Children’s Campaign, a non-partisan, non-profit that uses research and policy to advocate for the needs of children; Texas CASA, a statewide non-profit that advocates for abused and neglected children in the child welfare system; and chief of the Texas Attorney General’s Juvenile Crime Intervention Division.

While her affiliation with team sports has not been as diverse as her work in youth development, her affection for the impact from experiences in sporting activities is extensive.

“When I was younger, I was a dancer. It’s still the same sort of team environment, with the same sort of endurance. The same sort of self-confidence. There’s a lot of the same lessons,” Ferland remarked. “There’s a lot of similar opportunities to grow as a person that come through in the different programming that we offer in Girl Scouts.”

Through Girl Scouts, girls are more likely to participate in healthy activities, including exercise, eating right and taking leadership roles when working in a group. Plus, Girl Scouts can participate in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, canoeing and archery to have exciting adventures while learning important life skills.

For Jones, participating in team sports at a young age played a crucial role in who she is today. Starting in middle school, she played field hockey and lacrosse and then in high school she moved on to varsity basketball, playing all four years. Tara’s early years of participating in team sports played a huge role in her leadership development, all the while creating many cherished memories. Through the SSC she hopes to pass on that passion to Seattle youth.

“The positive impact that sports had and continues to have on my life encouraged me to join the Seattle Sports Commission and provide opportunities for young girls to thrive and develop through varied opportunities in sports,” Jones said.

Since moving from Pontiac, Michigan, to Seattle, Jones has fully embraced her role as a 12th man for the Seattle Seahawks football team.

The Seattle Sports Commission is comprised of a Board of Commissioners and a small full-time staff. Together they create opportunities intended to attract travelers around the world to visit the Pacific Northwest and to make Seattle a world-class sports community. By fostering a strong sports culture, the SSC seeks to strengthen businesses, foster generational engagement in athletics and bolster pride in our communities. Annual events include the Sports Star of the Year, Women’s Leadership Breakfast, and city-wide scavenger hunt Urban-X.

“I see this as another opportunity to advocate for Seattle youth development and to make a difference in a child’s life,” Ferland said.