These learning opportunities are open to everyone who meets pre-requisites, although they will be most relevant for a troop leader or outdoor specialist or group advisor taking girls on overnights. 

Click here for a listing of Overnight Learning Opportunities!​​
Before taking girls on an overnight adventure, at least one troop leader, advisor and outdoor specialist is required to complete the learning requirements for the girl's  planned activity six to eight weeks before the overnight experience.

Indoor Overnight:
$10 or no fee

Ease into the idea of camping by planning an overnight in an indoor setting, a leader’s living room, a hotel or other situation that does not involve an outdoor setting. If your troop will not be ready for a few more years for an outdoor setting, this is a great first step. Two choices are available:

  • Indoor Overnight Independent Learning Packet as a writable PDF - no fee. Choose this option to receive a link to a writable version of the packet in a PDF, you can either complete it electronically and email the completed version, or print it out at home and mail/fax/email the completed packet.
  • Indoor Overnight Independent Packet: $10. Taken by independent learning packet, which will come to you by mail. 
  •  Pre-requisite: Day Trip Planning
  • Register online, or download and mail in a completed registration form to register by mail
Outdoor Overnight: $30

Learn to prepare and plan for an outdoor overnight event with girls. This is an overnight course. 16 hours of coursework plus 10 overnight hours. This class is offered on a variety of different Saturday-Sunday options through out the year. Twice a year in the fall and spring this course is offered in a Friday-Saturday setting or Friday-Sunday setting. Once a year in the spring we offer a weekday overnight option. Check the calendar for dates and details.
  • Do you have tons of outdoor experience with girls? We do offer and equivalency option for those who qualify.
  • Qualifies participants to take girls on an outdoor overnight of 2 nights or less and a propane stove is used for cooking, and campfire is used for programming purposes.
  • Pre-requisite: Day Trip Planning

Preparing for your workshop:
You will need to bring with you a completed Health Card, click here to review a copy of a typical packing list for this course, a specific one for your class will come to you with your final confirmation. Worried about staying warm? Check out this tip sheet and be prepared!

Outdoor Overnight Equivalency: no fee

Have you been camping with your daughter's troop for years as an extra parent and now need to step into the role of the outdoor specialist? Were you a camp counselor and will now be leading a troop on an outdoor adventure? Do you spend six weeks, 24 hours a day, every summer surrounded by other people's children sharing the outdoors with them? Then you would be a perfect candidate to get your Outdoor Overnight through the equivalency process.

Register for this option by clicking here.
Once you have completed Day Trip Planning (either face-to-face or online) and have completed the Indoor Overnight Independent Packet, register online to complete the process. Once you have registered you will be contacted by an outdoor coach who will meet with you in person or speak with you over the phone to review your knowledge of outdoor skills and support you with any questions you might have.

Note: this is only available to people who already know their stuff, if you are missing the knowledge base, your coach may recommend that you complete the course the traditional way.
Build your Outdoor Skills: $15

Learn more ideas for outdoor cooking and ways to teach outdoor skills to girls. 

  • Six hours
  • This is not a required course, however it is a great opportunity to learn how to do charcoal cooking (Box and Dutch ovens) and learn more outdoor skills.
  • Pre-requisite: Day Trip Planning and Outdoor Overnight are suggested, but not required.

Preparing for your workshop:
 Please wear clothes that can get dirty and dress for the weather. Bring with you, you class history card, mess kit, jackknife, 1 cup of an ingredient to make GORP (such as nuts, dried fruit, cereal, chocolate chips, etc.), a beverage of your choice (we will be making our lunch during the class).