Other Roles

In addition to Leadership  and Outdoor Leadership for troop leaders and/or outdoor specialists, learning courses are offered for several other roles. 

Encamporee Planning
For individuals who will be Encamporee directors. Two to three of these workshops are offered each year during the fall/winter. 

Event Planning
For anyone who will be directing a large event for girls and/or adults. It is strongly recommended for new Community Day Camp directors. Teens welcome.

Volunteer Facilitator
These individuals primarily facilitate workshops that assist new volunteers to prepare for their volunteer role.  They provide workshops in various locations around Girl Scouts of Western Washington. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please fill out and return the application​ to the attention of Pat Ford at 601 Valley Street, Seattle, WA 98109 or patdf@girlscoutsww.org. The seminar designed to help prepare facilitators for their role occurs once a year.

Getting Started Coaches
These volunteers lead Girl Scout workshops around the council, either as scheduled events or as informal one-on-one meetings. Several preparation workshops are scheduled in late spring and early summer.

Lead Delegate
A workshop for volunteers in this role is offered in the summer and early fall in various locations, to prepare lead delegates for their role.

Red Cross Instructor
Consider using your talents to provide certification training to adults and teens throughout Girl Scouts of Western Washington. We offer you the training for free in exchange for your time teaching twice a year.

Service Unit Manager
This workshop is offered periodically to prepare new service unit managers.
Volunteer Recruiter
Attend a recruiter workshop to discuss how to recruit adult volunteer, new girl members, resources and how to answer commonly asked questions.  
Note: Learning opportunities for outdoor specialists are listed in Outdoor Leadership. Learning courses for troop leaders are outlined in Leadership.