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 Other Volunteer Roles Learning

Outdoor Specialist

1409169112486.png​                                       Getting Started Online Modules 
Complete these modules Introduction, Girl Program and Volunteer Essentials and Safety Activity Check Points)
1409169112486.png Day Trip Planning
If your troop is excited to go on a field trip away from your meeting site for four or more hours, you'll need to complete Day Trip Planning! Attend an in-person workshop or complete the online workshop.
1409169112486.png Outdoor Overnight
To  sleep outdoors and take a trip for two nights or less, attend an in-person workshop or complete this equivalency. It's a great course to take three months before your adventure! (Pre-requisite: Day Trip Planning).

 Certified Specialist

1409169112486.png​              Archery Instructor, Small Craft Safety, Quantity Cooking
Options to complete these in-person certification workshops are offered throughout the year.

Volunteer Facilitators

1409169112486.png​                   Facilitating Adult Learning - Required
Schedule a short interview by emailing Volunteer Learning. Afterward, we will send you a link to register for the Facilitating Adult Learning workshop.

Volunteer Coach

1409169112486.png Coach Preparation workshop  - Required 
Attend in person. 

Service Unit Manager

1409169112486.png Service Unit Manager Workshop - Required
Attend in person

 Highest Awards Facilitator

1409169112486.png Take Action ELearning Module
Complete any time by following this link.
1409169112486.png Gold Award Online Orientation - Required
Register online.
1409169112486.png Gold Award Workshop - Required
Attend in person