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 Money Earning and In-Kind Donations

Money-earning is defined as any activity organized and carried out by girls (in partnership with adults) that is designed to earn money for Girl Scout activities. Here are a few more considerations to keep in mind:

Approval: All money-earning activities must be approved by Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Please fill out a Money-Earning Activity Application four weeks before your proposed date of activity.

Age Limits: Girl Scout Daisies (in kindergarten and first grade) may not participate in money-earning activities outside of the Fall Product Sale or the Girl Scout Cookie Sale.

Product Sales: To participate in a money-earning activity, your troop/IRM must have participated in either the Fall Product Sale or the Girl Scout Cookie Sale within 12 months of the money-earning event. Most money-earning activities will not be approved if they are held during the Girl Scout Cookie Sale dates, generally mid-January to mid-March.

Money-Earning and In-Kind Donation Forms

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