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 Meetings and Events with Girls

Whether you are meeting with girls or planning an event, Girl Scouts has tools and procedures to reduce risk and make sure everyone's on the same page! So, before planning meetings and events with girls please review the forms below and Volunteers Essentials and Safety Activity Checkpoints

Knowing which forms you need and where to find them can be confusing; yet, not having proper paperwork can spoil the whole experience for everyone.  Take the stress out of it by using the Form Finder. Once this tool opens up click on the image and answer a few short questions and you’ll get a list of what’s needed and the forms themselves as writable PDF’s.  No guesswork! Or use the information below. Either one will work.

Forms for Meeting and Events with Girls

  • Permission for Meetings, Day Trips and Medical Care 
    Meds-Policy.pdfPolicy on Administering Medicine
    This annually updated form should be kept on hand for every girl in a troop or group. The form provides parent/guardian approval for girls to attend Girl Scout meetings, day trips, and consent to seek medical care in the case of an emergency.  A copy of this form should accompany the troop/group everywhere they go.
  • Girl/Adult Health History Form
    If you are attending a Girl Scout event as an individual or not part of a troop, please provide a copy of this form to the event organizer.
  • Parent/Guardian Permission for Overnights, High-Risk Activities and Sensitive Topics
    If your group is planning on participating in a high risk activity or discussing a sensitive topic, each girl must have this signed by her parent/guardian.  If you are planning an overnight event/trip please visit Trips Forms for additional forms. Note: Not sure what constitutes a high-risk activity or sensitive topic?  Learn more in Volunteer Essentials.
  • Application for High Risk and Sensitive Topics
    If your group is planning on participating in a high risk activity or discussing a sensitive topic, please submit this application to your SU Manager or staff representative. Note: Not sure what constitutes a high-risk activity or sensitive topic?  Learn more in Volunteer Essentials.
  • Additional Insurance
    As Girl Scout members, your Girl Scouts of the USA membership provides you with basic secondary insurance. For many of the activities you do as Girl Scouts, you will need to purchase additional insurance –- especially for trips/high risk activities and for non-members participating in your Girl Scout experiences. Visit Insurance Forms for more information.
  • Incident Report Form
    Should there be a significant incident at your meeting/event including injuries, disputes, etc, please submit an incident report form within 24 hours or the next business day to Girl Scouts of Western Washington.
  • Money-Earning
    If your event will be a money-earning event for your group or service unit, please see our Money-Earning Forms.
  • Emergency Procedure Card
    Girl Scouts of Western Washington has an emergency action plan in place for our members.  Please have these cards available for all volunteers and parents.
  • Transportation Card
    If any member of your group who will be driving girls for Girl Scout purposes should have a transportation card on file with the group leadership.
  • Image Consent Release Form for Non-Girl Scouts and Adults
    Please share this form with anyone who is not a Girl Scout member who may be photographed with your group.  This consent covers the use of images by Girl Scouts of the USA and Girl Scouts of Western Washington, not for troop/group purposes.  Members of Girl Scouts have already agreed to allow their image to be used for Girl Scout purposes via their registration form.

Troop Record Keeping
Forms that leaders would use at/for a meeting in order to keep track of girls’ attendance, earned badges, etc. 

Approved Membership-Led Events
We aim to maximize the support, promotion and recognition of council-wide and regional events that our skilled and dedicated members develop, organize and deliver!  

To ensure that regional Girl Scout programs are well-supported, high-quality, well-planned, safely managed and receive the appropriate level of staff involvement, we have established an application process to help guide planning efforts of girl and adult members organizing and delivering council-wide and regional events. Please complete the application and working with us to strengthen the Girl Scout Leadership Experience throughout our community!