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 Branding Guidelines

Girl Scouts across the country are working together to speak with one voice!

Join the movement by following specific brand guidelines and using the resources below when creating Girl Scout materials.


1. Three colors. Use the three Girl Scout colors only! 

  • Black
  • White
  • Green (#00ae58 or r0 g174 b88)
  • LogoGAround.jpg

  • 2. Servicemark. Put the Girl Scouts of Western Washington servicemark (logo) at the top left of every page. Make sure it has at least the same amount of white space around it as the "g".

  • 3. Full name. Use either "Girl Scouts" or "Girl Scouts of Western Washington".

    • Do not use "GS" or "GSWW".
    • Use initial caps in all text. Only the logo image should be lowercase.
    • The website and social media are the only exception: www.GirlScoutsWW.org.
  • 4. Font. Use Arial.
  • 5. Close-up photos. Focus on the action!

    6. Clip art. Add “pop” via photography or illustration (such as handmade doodles or cartoons) – avoid clip art whenever possible. Do not “borrow” any licensed or copywritten art​.


    To access these resources, click on the link you are interested in. In the new window that opens, right-click on the image and choose "Save As..." to download it to your computer.

    Girl Scouts of Western Washington servicemark

    Girl Scouts:


    The Profiles​ may only be applied in green or as a material application.The profiles should not be modified or altered in any way.

    Trefoil Icon

    The fun of Girl Scouting! Overlay with white or black text (in Omnes Semibold) only. The trefoil  is not to be made into a character, made to hold photography or re-rendered in any way. Do not use it metaphorically.The Trefoil should always be a trefoil – not a flower, not a leaf, not a snowflake. 

    More Resources

    If y​ou cannot find what you are looking for, or need additional help please email web@girlscoutsww.com.