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 Volunteer Essentials and Safety Activity Checkpoints

Have you ever wished that all the answers to the most common questions about Girl Scouting in Western Washington could be found in one place? Then Volunteer Essentials is for you!
It includes:

  • The whats: programs, badges, meetings, awards, cookies and more
  • The whys: council procedures, how they work, when to use them
  • The hows: taking trips, understanding your girls, and getting the most out of your leadership role

Girl Scouts’ safety guidelines have historically been outlined in our risk management handbook, Safety-Wise. After 2010, the basic guidelines for working with girls can be found in Volunteer Essentials and the guidelines for specific activities can be found in Safety Activity Checkpoints. This electronic format allows us to maintain our commitment to the environment by using our resources wisely!

What’s New in Volunteer Essentials This Year 2013-2014
The additions and updates to Volunteer Essentials include the following:

  • Recommended Girl Scout group sizes have been added to the “Quick-Start Guide.”
  • In the “Safety-Wise” chapter, references to Level II first aid have been removed. First aid requirements and their relationship to EMS have been simplified to match industry standards.
  • Guidelines regarding fundraising for other organizations have been added to “Collaborating with Sponsors and Other Organizations.”
  • Dues have been increased from $12 to $15 (lifetime from $300 to $375).
  • The minimum age for travel into Canada (within a certain geographic area) has been lowered.

Two great resources

Volunteer Essentials and the Safety Activity Checkpoints are meant to be used together. 

 In addition to Volunteer Essentials, you will also find many more forms for girls and adults, and workshops and volunteer resources on our website.