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 Day Trip Planning

Welcome to Day Trip Planning online learning! We've created an online experience we know you're going to enjoy. If you would like a written record of your learning, feel free to open and print this Day Trip Planning Learning Log to take your own written notes on (if you are interested in the participant workbook from the face-to-face workshop you are welcome to download and print it for your reference).

  • This workshop will take you between an hour and half to two hours to complete.
  • To get credit for completing this workshop, provide your name and email in the evaluation at the end. 
  •  In one section of the workshop, we show video out of order (A, C, B) we meant to leave you with the most preferred methods in your most recent memory, but acknowledge this bothers some people.   

Hint: Turn the volume up on your computer before you click the green words Day Trip Planning, then go look at email or Facebook till you hear the music start, it will take anywhere between one to two minutes to start but will move quickly after that.  

Another Hint: Unfortunately the way this workshop is posted, if you need to get out and come back in, it will not save your location. We are working to solve this problem, however in the meantime, if you use the forward buttons you should be able to return to the location you were at and continue the workshop.  

*If using Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser, you may have to turn off the pop-up blocker to get the module to load.


 Click the green words below to launch the learning experience.