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What is the best way (email, survey, webinar, etc.) for you to give feedback?
Please allow girl's accounts to be linked to parents accounts. Not having them linked has caused a great deal of confusion for the parents in my troop.
I tried to request a Volunteer account login and nothing happened. The first time user button doesn't work.
E-mails and Surveys
All the information that is under construction has made it an issue for me to get the necessary forms and information for troop activities, etc... When will we have access to this again? 
e-mail survey
Is a password really necessary?  One more step and item to remember in a  day already full of details.  I don't really see that what GSWW offers is so secret.
online survey
As a troop leader, I would like to see all the info for my troop's volunteers.  For our SU manager, they should be able to see all info for all the SU's volunteers.
email or survey
I just am wondering if this new volunteer portal login negates my previously owned login as a parent of a girl scout and a Co leader of a troop.  Do they work in two different ways?  do I keep both?  Or will they be merged into one account?
When this is all finished, will we be able to create our own Log-in ID?  That would REALLY be helpful.  Keep up the good work!
As instructed I completed a volunteer agreement for Community Camp Food Supervisor.  However, I like to have a copy of everything I signed and when I tried to print the page, it only gave me 1 page which shows the GSWW responsibilities.  Am I expected to remember all of my responsibilities without a copy?  This process seems too cumbersome.  Why can't the SUM, staff or event director make sure these forms get signed.  Just want did I agree to again?  I don't suppose I can get a copy of these comments?
PLEASE put the log in access on the very first page we come to under troop management! I hate having to fiddle around trying to find a way to log in!!!!!
I am trying to find out what else I need for Outdoor specialist
I thought this was a start page and was going to take me to a survey after filling in.  So, I guess my first suggestion would be to make it more clear like: "In the Comments section below, please tell us what options would make the Volunteer Portal useful and ensure..."  To answer the question, I'd first like to say I'm very impressed with your search.  It almost always finds what I am looking for, that is not easy to do so you are doing a good job. 

A live chat would be amazing.  I'm guessing a large number of us are moms and when we have time we are ready to go.  If we can't get done what we're tring to do it might be a week before we get back to it.

Also, there are so many different websites and resources (you do a good job offering links everywhere) it is so confusing.  I have one login here but my Service Unit hasn't approved my join request yet so I'm missing everything there.  Can we setup a way to link to our Service Unti's websites through the volunteer portal and use that same login info? 

Can you make the login site more intuitive? It is really hard to figure out where to log in.
I love the idea of a volunteer portal! I think it would be great to have a way to keep a list of each girls attendance at meetings as well as a badge/patch list. We found this to be a bit unorganized in our meetings because we as a troop decided to only give badges/patches out once a year vs. after each earned event/project. Thanks!
Your website is way to hard to use. I am a volunteer so I am a registered GS under my email.  Your rules require me to register my daughter under a different account.  So I did but she forgot her password. She knows her email address but we can't get the password sent to use because we don't know her userid (which is usually the email address - but GS didn't allow that.) 
We need to get her registered before June 18th - but it is too difficult.
This website is all about recruiting.  Makes current volunteers feel neglected.  BEST customer is ALWAYS current customer.  I think GSWW needs some marketing training for the web designer.
any of these
Website is difficult to navigate and not logical.  Calendar is "broken" today - goes from May to August.  E-biz re-registering isn't accepting all payments and doesn't work with Google Chrome -- why doesn't it say that on the cover page?
please make a login on the current volunteers page -   not on later pages...
Please put a login link on the top corner of the Home page. Navigating through several pages to locate a login button is rather frustrating.  Thank you!
this sight is very hard to navigate. Unless you know where you are going it is nearly impossible to find anything. Frequently I just give up.
I was directed to the volunteer portal to apply for an additional position, and this function is not available here, nor is there any explanation.
email or survey
I'd love a to-do list of what the 01 and 02 have to do to get cleared for duty (everything from the application to the required trainings)
This Current Volunteer portal is too cumbersome.  Now I want to add a position, but the link I was directed to apply to do that ( says I am already in their system but won't let me in with the User ID/Password I use to get into my account.  But it also does not have a button where I can ask for User ID/Password to know what it is looking at to reject what I put in.  When I log in to my account to "add position" the one I want "Girl & Adult Recruiter" is not offered.  Also, I want to delete one position (01-Leader/Advisor) that no longer applies.  I have been SU Co-Manager since Sept 2011, but it, and many others, show "Pending".  Maybe this is why I don't get some of the notifications for SUMs.  How can I better manage/pritorize my positions.  How do I apply for ones not on the list?
Need to have MORE trainings on the Olympic Peninsula. We feel we are left out of the loop over here.
email survey
I am a volunteer registrar for a local day camp.  In the past, I could find all my registration forms and paperwork online.  Now I can't find anything--where is the cookie dough request form? the credit card payment form? The volunteer background check form for our new volunteers?  Can those things be put back in a volunteer forms page so we don't have to make more work for the staff?  Thank you.
I use this portal daily. As an incoming SUM, there is a vital link to some sort of "Journeys and Badges Overview" and the higher awards missing on the left hand column. The info on Bronze/Silver/Gold is hard to find, and new volunteers like to reference some basics about the Girl's Guide and optional badge packets, and what Journeys are out there.
Allowing all avenues will assist and be helpful for everyone. Many avenues allow room that if one method does not work then we have other avenues already in place as our backups.
Great idea. Our service unit 606 have discussed this topic and I think it will an asset to our Council. Having a place where we can share ideas, make contacts, provide resourse for new leaders aswell as give new and fresh ideas to seasoned troop leaders. This tool can provide a source to build up a data base of services, organizations in which troops and service units can work with in the community and opportunity to link with service uits in within Washington. Great idea look forward to this tool.
Survey, phone conversation, maybe webinar. Email for notification or sending me information, but not email for me giving my answers.
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