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 Girl Scout Snack Bars Pilot

As part of this year's Fall Product Sale, we've been asked to participate in a pilot program from Little Brownie Bakers, the same bakery that produces our Girl Scout Cookies. Little Brownie Bakers has created two varieties of Girl Scout Snack Bars that we think you - and our customers - are going to love.

We invite you and the girls to join this pilot program and help be part of the research that determines if this idea will be rolled out nation-wide!

How to Sign Up

If your Service Unit wants to participate, you'll need to identify a Service Unit Fall Product Manager (SUFPM). We've arranged for the pilot items and traditional fall product sales items to share the same order card, delivery dates and sales date - this means no additional work for the SUFPM. Girls will also have the opportunity to earn a special patch (in addition to the regular fall product patches) for participating in the pilot.

Want to join? Forward your SUFPM's name and contact information to cookies@girlscoutsww.org or call Mecca at (206) 633-5600 ext 1264.

Snack Bar Details

The basics:

  • There will be two varieties of snack bars: Double Dutch Chocolate and Tagalongs.
  • Bars will be sold by the box, with five bars per box.
  • Each box will sell for $4.00, no individual bar sales allowed.
  • Troops receive $1.00 per item sold for troop proceeds.
  • Troops must order bars by the case (12 boxes per case).
  • Bars will be sold during normal fall product sales, from September 7-23.
  • Girls can earn the special pilot patch for selling 15 boxes of bars.

Nutritional information:

(Note: all information is per serving size, which equals one bar.)

Tagalongs snack bars - Rolled oats, cereal flakes and chocolatey granola combined with peanut butter chips. 4g of fiber

  • 110 calories
  • 3g fat (2g saturated)
  • 85mg sodium
  • 17g carbohydrates
  • 4g protein
  • Allergen information: Contains soy, wheat, peanut, milk and almond ingredients; may contain tree nuts

Double Dutch snack bars - Rolled oats, cereal flakes and granola, sprinkled with dark chocolate chips and a chocolatey drizzle.

  • 4g of fiber
  • 110 calories
  • 3g fat (1.5g saturated)
  • 85mg sodium
  • 17g carbohydrates
  • Allergen information: Contains soy, wheat, milk, almond and peanut ingredients; may contain tree nuts

 Detailed nutritional information: