Cookie Selling and Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Safety is always our first priority in Girl Scouts. The following safety tips will help you when selling Girl Scout Cookies.

  • Do take an adult with you at all times, per Safety Activity Checkpoints.
  • Do wear your uniform, Girl Scout shirt or Girl Scout pin.
  • Don’t sell to or approach people in their cars unless  site is approved by the Girl Scouts of Western Washington Product Sales Team.
  • Don’t carry large sums of money with you. 
  • Do use safe pedestrian practices. 
  • Don’t enter homes. The general rule is knock and take two steps back. 
  • Don’t accept personal checks for more than $144.00.

Cookie Selling Tips for Girls and Parents

Here are some tips to help make your cookie sale even more successful:

  • Design a nice display. Use posters that clearly explain your goals for the sale and lets people know where your money will go. (This is especially important if you're using part of the money raised for community service.) Decorate your table with balloons and a table cloth.
  • Wear your Girl Scout uniform, clothing and/or Girl Scout pins.
  • Make sure to tell people about Operation Cookie Drop or Troop Gift of Caring. They may purchase additional cookies to be donated to these causes.
  • Make sure an adult is present at all times.
  • Remember to smile! 
  • Offer Girl Scout Cookie recipes.
  • If you would like to offer cookie samples at your booth, check your county health department regulations. Upon receiving county permission, we request that you do not use cookies with peanut butter and that the samples are not on display, only offered upon request. Troops are responsible for payment on all boxes of cookies used for samples.
  • Make change (with adult supervision). This is an important learning opportunity.
  • Saying, "Thank you" goes a long way.  Remember to thank everyone, even those not interested in purchasing cookies. After hearing “thank you,” some people come back and buy a package of cookies
  • Make sure to advertise when it's the last weekend of the sale! It will motivate people to buy more cookies since they know they can't get them for another year. Try making signs that say: "Last Weekend for Girl Scout Cookies. When They're Gone, They're Gone!" or "Don't Forget: Thin Mints Freeze Well!"
  • Pick up any garbage or cookie cartons before you leave.
  • Thank the store manager before you leave.
  • Look for alternative spots to sell cookies: retirement homes, car dealerships, office buildings. (All with an adult's supervision and the permission of your Service Unit Booth Sale Manager, of course.)
  • Have fun!