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 Travel Stories

Read firsthand how Girl Scouts' lives were positively impacted by their travel experiences:

In London....
“As a troop, going to London was certainly the trip of a lifetime... We learned so much about the world, different cultures and each other.”
– Stephanie, age 16, Bellevue

In Rancho Mastatal in Pursical, Costa Rica...
"As part of an ongoing reforestation effort at the Ranch, my group planted 21 saplings in the rainforest, bagged soil for the onsite nursery and collected more than 100 trees from the forest floor to nurse into sustainable saplings….Now that I'm home, I try to find new ways to make a positive impact on the planet.”
 – Amanda, age 18, Covington  (Girl Scouts of Western Washington council-developed trip)

“During my time at Rancho Mastatal, each day was filled with service, fun, relaxation and good food! It was also beautiful – we were literally in the rainforest. I fell asleep to the chirping of insects and awoke each morning to the sunlight coming in the window.”
– Becky, age 15, Kirkland

circleshot.jpgIn Joshua Tree National Park...
“My destinations trip to rock climb in the desert was absolutely wonderful! My personal experience previously was limited to climbing inside gyms, so this whole trip was a new challenge for me... There were so many things I tried on this trip that I would not have done without the destinations program.”

– Kerry, age 17, Granite Falls

xcamp.jpgIn X-Camp, Alabama...
“I spent eight days where the U.S. Space and Rocket Center is based….My group participated in leadership courses, teambuilding, outdoor survival training, physical activities and a huge X-race at the end of the week, which incorporated everything we had learned!...Whether you get homesick or not, are shy or outgoing, feel more comfortable in the city or country, I highly recommend that you find a destinations trip that you are interested in and go for it!

– Tiffany, age 16, Puyallup