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 Global Travel Toolkit

The Global Travel Toolkit consists of four exciting resources that prepare girls and adults for extended (especially international) travel adventures. These resources encourage personal reflection, promote positive connections, and empower girls to use their travel experience to effect change in their lives and communities. The Global Toolkit also provides forms, detailed steps and travel tips:

Exploration: The Girl Scout Guide to Global Travel - Takes girls through the steps of planning their own international group trip. It's filled with tips and tricks for traveling abroad. See the Guide split into it's various sections below:

The Adult Guide to Girl Scout Global Travel - Serves as a companion to The Girl Scout Guide to Global Travel and The Girl Scout Travel Log
Inside the Adult Guide, pp 1-7

The Girl Scout Travel Log - A journal for girls to record their travel experiences – before, during, and after your trip.

The Appendix - Travel Resources, Handouts and Forms