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 Journey Fast Track

Through the Fast Track program, Girl Scouts will participate in one of the three Journeys.  Fun activities, discussions and projects will help each girl develop the Keys to Leadership : Discover, Connect and Take Action.
To see which Journeys are currently being offered in your area, check out the calendar.
The overall Journey Program offers three unique series covering a wide variety of topics:
WorldJourney.jpgIt’s Your World- Change It!
This Journey series helps girls understand what it means to be a leader who makes a difference in the world through unique leadership and advocacy challenges. To see a description of these Journeys, click here.
It’s Your Planet- Love It!PlanetJourneys.jpg
This Journey series invites girls to make sense of the wealth of environmental information available so they  can act for the betterment of Earth and its inhabitants. To see a description of these Journeys, click here.
 It’s Your Story- Tell It!
This Journey series gives girls the opportunity to tell their stories through a range of creative approaches. It’s designed to strengthen a girl’s sense of herself and boost her capacity to seek and meet challenges in the world. To see a description of these Journeys, click here.
Interested in Volunteering?
If you’re a Girl Scout Volunteer, and would like to find helpful ways in which YOU can get Girl Scouts excited about the Journeys, get involved with our Jump Into Journeys Program.