Highest Awards

Highest Awards: Three Awards, One Life-Changing Experience

You’re ready to change the world. You have the power to help people who need it most. You can protect animals who can’t protect themselves. You have the skills to search out new ways to help our planet.

We know you have great ideas —ones that make a lasting difference. And that you’re ready to work hard and Take Action!

Girl Scouts' highest awards—Bronze, Silver and Gold—are your chance to make a lasting difference in your community  and around the world. Click below to find resources to help you change the world.

Limited time only!
Limited time only! We’re looking for five to six girls from across the council to participate in a special Gold Award proposal pilot program. We’re testing out a new proposal process, that follows the same guidelines and criteria set by GSUSA, but allows you to express some of your ideas in a new way. If you’re just getting started with your Gold Award proposal, learn more about the Personal Meaning Map pilot and contact goldawards@girlscoutsww.org if you’re interested.

Junior Girl Scouts
Grades 4-5
Cadette Girl Scouts
Grades 6-8
Senior & Ambassador Girl Scout
Grades 9-12

Looking for an exciting way to get involved?
Become a volunteer for the Highest Awards Program to cultivate the next generation of change agents. Consider applying to be a Highest Awards Facilitator​ or a member of the Highest Award Review Committee. Committee positions are available for teens and adults. To apply, please submit all application documents by May 1, 2014.