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Staff Directory

Chief Executive Officer

Megan FerlandCEO1(800) 541-9852

Accounting and Finance

Elaine MorseChief Financial and Administrative Officer1(800) 541-9852
Samantha FranklinVice President of Accounting1(800) 541-9852
Amanda ReesAccounting Manager1(800) 541-9852
Kristina LumSenior Grants and Finance Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Diana FordAccounting Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Rob PickettAccounting Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Cheryl CliftonPayroll Accountant1(800) 541-9852
Megan McGrathBanking Coordinator1(800) 541-9852

Camp Programs and Properties

John BarclayVice President of Camp Programs and Properties1(800) 541-9852
Jennifer DicksonDirector of Camp Programs and Camp River Ranch1(800) 541-9852
Jessica CarterDirector of Camp St. Albans and Camp Lyle McLeod1(800) 541-9852
Haley PeelDirector of Camp Robbinswold1(800) 541-9852
Lisa BondCamping Director1(800) 541-9852
Kim BrunskillAssistant Director of Camp River Ranch 1(800) 541-9852
Jim Messmer Property Director of Camp Robbinswold1(800) 541-9852
Art WightmanProperty Director of Camp St. Albans and Camp Lyle McLeod 1(800) 541-9852
Peter IversenSite Manager of Camp River Ranch 1(800) 541-9852
Jason MaiuriSite Manager of Camp St. Albans1(800) 541-9852
Lita KnolesSite Host Camp River Ranch 1(800) 541-9852
Micheal HaaseCamp Evergreen Ranger1(800) 541-9852
Larry ParkerCamp Klahanee Ranger1(800) 541-9852
Roy CallahanCamp Maintainence Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Jesse JacobsonCamp Maintenance Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Fred O'BrienCamp Maintanance Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Richard PhippsCamp Maintenance Specialist 1(800) 541-9852
Ralph TachellCamp Maintenance Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Michael ThompsonCamp Maintanance Specialist1(800) 541-9852

Fund Development and Evaluation

Jim LaugenChief Development and Strategy Officer1(800) 541-9852
Leanne SkooglundVice President of Fund Development1(800) 541-9852
Eve CrevoshayDirector of Foundation and Corporate Relations1(800) 541-9852
Carrie PlankFund Development Database Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Racquel WardlowFund Development Administrative Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Lorey FordDirector of Research and Evaluation1(800) 541-9852
Samantha BannonStrategic Initiatives Manager1(800) 541-9852

Human Resources

Doug KimuraVice President of Human Resources1(800) 541-9852
Angela BradfordHuman Resources Specialist1(800) 541-9852

IT Management

LeeAnn StiversVice President of Customer and Technical Support1(800) 541-9852
Nichole FrankoDirector of Information Technology1(800) 541-9852
Brian MathiesonProject Manager1(800) 541-9852
Tara ErvinBusiness Process Analyst1(800) 541-9852
Sarah MartinezTraining and Database Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Kari BaumannDatabase Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Isabel LoveDatabase Administrator1(800) 541-9852
Erica SaracinaDatabase Coordinator1(800) 541-9852


Leah IrahetaVice President of Learning1(800) 541-9852
Heather CuttingLearning Manager1(800) 541-9852
Carrol HarrisLearning Manager1(800) 541-9852
Lory RuizLearning Manager1(800) 541-9852
Marisol LeonLearning Coordinator1(800) 541-9852

Marketing and Diversity

Kate DabeVice President of Marketing and Strategy1(800) 541-9852
Ann MunoDirector of Advocacy and Diversity1(800) 541-9852
Stefanie EllisDirector of Public Relations1(800) 541-9852
Annie Rose FavreauDirector of Marketing1(800) 541-9852
Stephanie OlsonVisual Design and Brand Manager1(800) 541-9852
Jaycie WakefieldMembership Marketing Manager1(800) 541-9852
Anna HellandMarketing Assistant1(800) 541-9852

Member Support

Robin ThompsonCustomer Care and Registration Manager1(800) 541-9852
Stephanie CastellanosCustomer Care Supervisor1(800) 541-9852
Aryn BellingerCustomer Care Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Therese Del FierroCustomer Care Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Alexandria Hanks Customer Care Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Elizabeth SouleCustomer Care Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Meaghan BihounRegistrar1(800) 541-9852
Lori DarnallRegistrar1(800) 541-9852
Yvonne EricksonRegistrar1(800) 541-9852
Frances GreetRegistrar1(800) 541-9852
Honey TroutRegistrar1(800) 541-9852
Claudia WebbRegistrar1(800) 541-9852
Rhiannon RobertsData Entry Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Rodella CooleyPayment Processing Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Sarah CoutureFinancial Assistance Coordinator1(800) 541-9852


Jack EdgertonKing County Regional Vice President1(800) 541-9852
Sue OlstadPeninsula Regional Vice President1(800) 541-9852
Judi SladkyNorth Regional Director1(800) 541-9852
Nanette McCannSouth Regional Director1(800) 541-9852
Morgain MacDonaldKing County Diversity Manager1(800) 541-9852
Delia ArceNorth Region Diversity Manager1(800) 541-9852
Tess Haddon Peninsula Region Diversity Manager1(800) 541-9852
Julia KagochiSouth Region Diversity Manager1(800) 541-9852
Sherrie BurdickMembership Supervisor1(800) 541-9852
Melissa CurtisKing County Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Alexandra GornikKing County Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Laura HallKing County Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Madeleine SpencerKing County Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Amber AckersonNorth Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Elyse HammerlyNorth Region Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Katie JohnstonNorth Region Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Liz BrownPeninsula Region Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Rae DavenportSouth Region Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Delesha JonesSouth Region Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Juli MaiuriSouth Region Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Addie RocchioSouth Region Troop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Amber ArianoMembership Recruiter1(800) 541-9852
Wendy ColtonMembership Recruiter1(800) 541-9852
Kristina EnglishMembership Recruiter1(800) 541-9852
Meg FraserMembership Recruiter1(800) 541-9852
Virginia GraumannMembership Recruiter1(800) 541-9852
Leigh KamaszMembership Recruiter1(800) 541-9852
Brittany ThompsonMembership Recruiter1(800) 541-9852
Hilarie AyersPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Marlene HernandezPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Caroline McLaughlinPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Jennifer Reck-AllenPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Sue SeabaughPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Sarah SiscoPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Irene MillerKing County Regional Office Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Tammy FederspielNorth Regional Office Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Cindi ElyPeninsula Regional Office Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Kirsten WilliamsSouth Regional Office Coordinator1(800) 541-9852

Product Program and Retail

Christine AlflenVice President of Retail and Product Program1(800) 541-9852
Sandi WhitmoreDirector of Retail Operations1(800) 541-9852
Christa AbstenArea Product Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Kari GabelArea Product Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Mecca StevensonArea Product Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Paige WalkerProduct Program Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Alec DeMeyerDuplication and Mail Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Matt Blachowicz JonesRetail Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Angela EmertonRetail Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Aubrey HolyfieldRetail Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Michelle TieskieRetail Assistant1(800) 541-9852


Terri GlabersonVice President of Program1(800) 541-9852
Julie WendellGirl Experience Director1(800) 541-9852
Julia RicciardiHighest Awards Manager1(800) 541-9852
Daniel KissingerKing County Regional Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Kendra SampsonNorth Regional Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Helen AllenSouth Regional Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
LaTasha DurstStaff-Led Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Joy WilcoxStaff-Led Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Kaileen WolfSTEM Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Nichole CoatesProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Joy CorneliusProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Amy GravesProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Libby JarkaProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Cheryl MartinProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Tiffany SatterfieldProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Andra SharpleyProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Emma SheehyProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Nicole ThebergeProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Anna UpdegraffProgram Department Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Chloe WightmanScience Workshop Facilitator1(800) 541-9852
Laura SchleedeScience Workshop Facilitator1(800) 541-9852

Support Services

Shannon PittonExecutive Assistant and Office Manager1(800) 541-9852
Doreen WatkinsMail Services Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Carol CharnellSeattle Receptionist1(800) 541-9852