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Financial Assistance

Girl Scouts supports every girl and volunteer, regardless of financial situation! Financial assistance is available to current girl and adult members who otherwise would not be able to participate in Girl Scouting.


When to Submit a Request

To receive grants for our current membership year, please use the online 2015-2016 Financial Assistance Request Form. 

You can submit all your requests at once, or you can submit them individually throughout the year. If you’re requesting a camp grant or an event grant, please register for that camp or event before submitting the grant request.



• The client ID number for TANF or SNAP programs
• OR mark "Yes" if the child is a foster child on the Financial Assistance Request Form
• OR a copy of the qualifying letter for free or reduced school lunch from the school district for the 2015-2016 school year
• OR the Financial Assistance Eligibility Form


Available Grants

Each qualified girl is eligible for up to four grant requests—plus one camp or travel request—per membership year. Each qualified adult is eligible for up to four requests per membership year. 

Check out the types of grants here—including grants for membership dues, camp, Girl Scout trips, and more!


Submit a Financial Assistance Request

You can now fill out the Financial Assistance Request Form online!

Alternatively, you can fill out a paper form and submit it via email, or mail (DuPont Girl Scout Center, c/o Financial Assistance, PO Box 770, DuPont, WA 98327).